Best Beginner Guitar Amps

So you’ve decided on which electric guitar to opt for, and now you just need to find the best beginner guitar amp to go with it. Luckily, the decision is an easy one!

To keep things simple, I’ve whittled down all of the contenders for the title of best beginner guitar amp to just one winning range of amps which I feel are head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. There’s no need to consider anything else!

Best Beginner Guitar Amp

Blackstar ID:Core v2 Stereo

Best Beginner Guitar Amp

Blackstar are billing the ID:Core Stereo 10 as being the ultimate best beginner guitar amplifier – and this is a claim that most people would agree is currently true.

They are available in various sizes from 10-watts to 40-watts, and there’s even a High Power series which goes up to 150-watts. For a first amp I would suggest that the entry-level 10-watt version is absolutely perfect for bedroom practice, so that’s the model we’ll talk about below.

The ID:Core 10 is super-affordable, versatile, jam-packed with features, and will easily handle any style of music you throw at it. It’s truly the best beginner guitar amp currently available.

Feature Highlights:

  • Two 5-watt Speakers for Super-Wide Stereo Sound
  • Six Channels for Almost Unlimited Sounds
  • Twelve Studio Quality Digital Stereo Effects
  • ISF Control – Morph Between American and British Sounds
  • Direct Mac or PC Recording via USB (Recording Software Included)
  • Download or Edit Sound Patches on Your Computer
  • Headphone Input for Silent Practice
  • Compact Size

Features In-Depth

Two 5-watt Speakers
Most beginner guitar amps feature a single speaker, which results in a fairly flat, lifeless mono sound. What really sets the ID:Core apart from the competition is its dual 5-watt speakers. The resulting true stereo sound is far more immersive and exciting, and gives the impression of the amp being louder than its 10-watts should allow.

Six Channels
Blackstar’s innovative ‘Voice Control’ offers a total of 6 classic amp voicings for almost limitless tonal variety. The channels are as follows:

1. Clean and Warm 2. Clean and Bright 3. Crunch 4. Super Crunch 5. Overdrive 1 6. Overdrive 2

Blackstar ID Core V2 10 Control Panel

Twelve Studio Quality Effects
Who needs an extra pedal when you have so many studio quality effects built into the amp? The ID:Core 10 features 4 modulation effects, 4 reverbs, and 4 delays – all executed in gorgeous super-wide stereo and voiced specifically for electric guitar.

ISF Control
Blackstar’s unique ISF control allows you to shape your tone between a tighter, more aggressive American style sound and a less aggressive British tone.

Direct Mac or PC Recording
As if the features above weren’t already enough, Blackstar has also designed the ID:Core to be able to be used as a recording interface! Hook it up to your computer via the supplied USB cable and record your latest riff or song without the need for a microphone.

Blackstar has thoughtfully bundled Presonus Studio One recording software with the amp, so that you can get started straight away without spending any extra cash.

Blackstar ID Core Recording

Download or Edit Sound Patches on Your Computer
Also included with your new amp is Blackstar’s INSIDER software. When connected to your computer, this software will allow you to edit patches with far more control to let you accurately dial in your sounds. It also gives you the option to download patches from the user community website straight to your amp. Sound like your favorite artists with ease!

Headphone Input
If you live in an apartment, or can only practice later on at night, you’re probably limited in terms of the amount of noise you can make. Luckily, the Blackstar features a headphone input to allow for practice without disturbing the neighbors.

Compact Size
The 10-watt model weighs just 8 pounds (3.7kg), and measures 13.4″ x 10.4″ x 7.3″. The amp also features a removable carry strap for extra portability.

STILL not convinced? Check out Blackstar’s overview video below which’ll definitely seal the deal for you.

You’ve got to be sold on one of these by now! The Blackstar ID:Core Stereo is incredible value for money and is absolutely jam-packed with all of the features a new player could ever need. It truly is the best beginner guitar amp currently available.

Hit the link above, or click here to buy now.

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