Best Beginner Guitar Amps

There is one clear winner when it comes to choosing the best beginner guitar amp. Read our in-depth guide to find out what it is!
Classical Guitar Children

Best 1/2 Size Kids Classical Guitar

Looking for the best half size kids classical guitar? Smaller classical guitars are fairly easy to find, but which one is the best for your child? Our in-depth guide will clue you in!
Kids Electric Guitar Package

Best 1/2 Size Kids Electric Guitar

Searching for the best 1/2 size kids electric guitar for your budding young rock-star? If you've read our guitar sizing guide, you'll know that these are suitable for children around 3-8, or around 3’10” to 4’6″.If you need something…

Best 1/2 Size Kids Acoustic Guitar

Check out our in-depth guide to find the best 1/2 size acoustic guitar for your child. There isn't a ton of choice, but we suggest some great guitars for budding musicians.
Simple Guitar Chords

Beginner Guitar Chords

Use our interactive chart to learn 14 essential beginner guitar chords. Hear how the chords should sound, or print the chart to use offline!
Acoustic Guitar Top Back and Sides

Guide : The Parts of an Acoustic Guitar

Learn everything you need to know about the different parts of an acoustic guitar in our quick beginner's guide.

11 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn Guitar

Improved social skills, higher self-confidence, reduced stress levels, a sense of achievement, boosted intelligence...the benefits of music education are almost endless!
Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners? The choice of beginner acoustic guitars for kids can be overwhelming, so let's try to make your decision much easier!
When To Start Learning Guitar

What is the Best Age to Start Learning Guitar?

What is the best age to start learning guitar or bass? Find out if your child is too young to tackle music lessons.